Thursday, 11 June 2009

Ashdown Park - Interlude : 2nd March 2005

At this point in the original publishing of Ashdown Park I felt quite frustrated. I had lengthy gaps between updating and I also was having trouble thinking up new ideas. I decided to take a new approach, being more random in the story and artwork.


Empty Streets said...

Dropping by this wet friday morning to greet yah a blessed weekend ahead :)

Lilysgramma said...

Aaaw.. and I so look forward to each new comic! :) I'm sure what ever you do will be great! Keep up the good work, even if it feels thankless at times. There are those of us who appreciate it but just never let you know. I'm sorry for that. Your day will come eventually.

freelance said...

Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you have been enjoying my old webcomic. I am pleased to see the interest shown since I started re-publishing this webcomic and I am appreciative of all the support. It is a lot different now than it was back in 2005. A testament to the blogging comunity of today, which has helped me reach more people than I did during the original posting.

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